Thursday, 10 February 2011

Week 2: 31/01/11 - 06/02/11

This past week not much has been done in terms of FMP. The group has chosen an actress from the auditions that previous week and has also chosen a stand in actress in case the original choice is unavailable for what ever reason.

A meeting with actresses was made to explain who had been chosen and why. This meeting also meant that we could find out the working times and when they would be free to film.

Apart from this not much progress has been made.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Week One: 24/01/11 - 30/01/11

The first week of Uni after Christmas is the hardest. Trying to get back into the work ethic you spent the last semester getting into. This wasn't too bad with the FMP project.

The first thing that needed doing was reviewing last semesters work on FMP, these being the screen play, proposal, and presentation to understand what stage the production in. Firstly it was realised that the screen play ending needed to be completed sooner rather than later. This was tasked to director to complete as they had the full idea of where the story should go and how to end it best.

Secondly it was revealed that the locations for filming needed to be approached for permissions to film on their premises. Contact needed to be made that week to start the ball rolling. This task was given to the producer, who was able to make contact with conifer house location that week and also was able to enquire about a prop the location might be able to supply.

The most important event that happened that week was that casting sessions for the protagonist also took place on the Friday 28th of January. The camera operator had contacted all of the short listed actresses and had given them a section of the script to act out as they saw fit, also they were expected to act out something they themselves had done before. Finally during the casting session each actress was given a particular scene to act out with improve (no preparation). All members of the production were present at this casting session so that the crew would be familiar with the actress who was chosen. The actress who was chosen was Alex as she demonstrated a good understanding of the script (a sign that she had read it) but also when act it she reacted as if it were actually being filmed instead of just reading of the script. During the improvisation piece she used the space around her by first lying down, then crawling, standing and walking, and finally ending by sitting down. By using the space around her, she was less static and made her presences known.